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    Friday, March 29, 2013

    American President has signed a bill into law written by Monsanto sponsored Senator. Thus, it will benefit directly from legislation.

    By this way, the giant agriculture deal on genetical modifed organisms (GMOs) and genetically engineered (GE) will continue on plant and sell man-made crops even the large questions on human health risks remain unanswered.

    According to this, more than 250 000 people signed the petition asking the president to veto the bill spending over the biotech rider, referred to Monsanto Protection Act.

    The President ignore the petition by signed the bill into law that will deny the federal court to take action against the plant and sell man-made crop company.

    While Mansanto plans massive biotech experiments in US, the farmers has to pay to avoiding trouble with Mansanto. It is because the agro-giant will produce their biotech pattern of seeds to overcome 'seed oligarchy' by natural farmer. It take home $23 million from small farmers.

    By re-planted the genetically modified 'Roundup Ready' seeds that look to be resistant to pesticides, Mr Bowman was accused simply replanting seeds from an earlier crop.

    Supreme Court will take time until July to decide the legal right to replant those crops made by Mansanto even it likely a hard battle to farmers to win.


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