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    Friday, April 19, 2013

    Late Wednesday, the small Texas town got shocked with the incident of explosion in fertilizer plant. As many as 15 people were killed and 160 were injured during the massive explosion in West of Texas downtown.

    It was happened about 8 p.m. The blast could be heard as far away 45 miles Waxahachie north of Texas.

    Police still undergoing search and rescue efforts and stress that there confirm the fatalities but no concrete numbers yet.

    Reported 'part of that community is gone', one of the official police said that homes has been destroyed and flattened.

    Al Vanek, one of the council member said the explosion of building was totally decimated. Marak, 58, one of the witnessed said that it was like being in tornado. She called her husband to come back and take her away from the fire. During the way home, her husband had seen the fire was like a huge fireball that rose like " a mushroom cloud".

    The USGS reported that the blast magnitude at 2.1 like a minor earthquake.


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